#6 Power Through Fasting

May 15, 2020

#6 Power Through Fasting

What is fasting and what is its purpose? In the stricter sense of the word, to fast is to go without food for a designated amount of time during which the drinking water is allowed and encouraged. Most often associated with spiritual purposes and is an expression of humbling oneself.  It may also be a ritual to consecrate oneself unto God.

Today, I want to focus on the power of fasting as related to our topic of adding fervency to prayers. Jesus spoke of the power of prayer and fasting after an encounter with a boy possessed of a demonic spirit. In the short version of this story, (Matthew 17:14-21) the disciples could not cure him… but Jesus did cure the boy as he cast a demon out of the boy. The disciples were perplexed and asked Jesus why they did not succeed. His answer came in two parts. Jesus initial comments, a word of rebuke (publicly), “O faithless and perverse generation…” but later when the Disciples asked him (privately) why they could not cast out the devil from the boy, Jesus replied,

“Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting” Matt 17:21 KJV
The riddle of deliverance power is revealed by comparing and contrasting Jesus’ two discourses. As we define the words in these verses the explanation of spiritual power becomes self-evident. What was the disciples’ power problem? Faithless – not plugged into God enough. Perverse – plugged into the world too much. What is the answer behind spiritual power over Satan? Prayer – plugged into God. And fasting – unplugged from the world. Its this combination, unplugging from the world and intentionally plugging into God that adds fervency to our prayers and unleashes God’s power upon the earth. A power that can render demonic influence ineffectual. Jesus reinforces the need to engage in prayer against the devil when he taught his disciples to pray, “Deliver us from evil.”  Jesus also taught that prayer coupled with fasting is necessary to deliver us from some kind of evil.
“So we fasted and earnestly prayed that our God would take care of us, and he heard our prayer.” Ezra 8:23 NLT
Thinking creatively about fasting, here are several different methods to help you begin. Add spiritual power to your prayers by choosing to fast:

  • Traditional Fast-One Day 24 hour Fast – Example you eat dinner tonight and you don’t eat again until dinner the following night.
  • Intense Day Fast – 36 hour fast – Example you eat dinner tonight and you don’t eat again until breakfast (Break Fast) the day after next.
  • Intermittent Fasting – Fast one meal a day for a week, a month, etc. (No snacks in between). For example, eat breakfast and don’t eat again until dinner.
  • A Daniel Fast – This is biblical code for a partial fast. This is a limited/restrictive diet for a set period of time. Some people chose what they won’t eat, for example, no meat, no beverage but water. While others approach it with only what they will eat, such as, only soup or rice and beans. Read Daniel 10:2
  • Extended Fasting – 3 to 40 days

The combination of prayer and fasting is a key to add fervency to your petitions. So don’t just fast and forget to plug into God. Be intentional, replace your entire mealtime (preparation, eating, cleaning up) with prayer, scripture reading, and putting faith into action. *We will look more into other scriptural reasons to fast with our next publication.

Wisbit Tip #6

These Wisbits are not for entertainment. These desperate times compel us to desperate measures. The application of these tips will unleash powerful prayer. Choose from the fasting options above and fast for God’s mercy and grace to come with His Kingdom. Prayer Tip Six. Fasting is a biblical way to stir faith and release the kingdom of heaven upon earth.

Today’s Prayer: Heavenly Father, I chose to fast that I might honor you as I unplug my time and affection from the world to pursue you. I fast that I might know you better, would you reveal yourself to me as I lean into you. Teach me how to pray? In Jesus Name. Amen.

See you again soon,

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