#1 Most Popular Google Search?

April 29, 2020

#1 Most Popular Google Search?

Welcome to Wisbits: Tips to Unleash Life-Changing Prayer. “Lord teach us to pray,” was the request of the disciples.

Two thousand years later on day 30 of the Corona-virus Quarantine, the number one topic of interest on the google search engines was, “How do I pray?”  Right now, people are hungry to know God better. And this is exactly the right question to be asking. During a crisis, God is hoping we will turn towards him and not away. In a sense, trials are to be understood as a wake-up call.

“Call upon me in the day of trouble and I will deliver you and you shall glorify me.” Ps. 50:15

But beyond that, people are still asking for guidance – How do I pray?  What should I pray? And yet others are saying, “I’m praying but He doesn’t seem to answer.” And still, others who are exasperated, declare, “My prayers seem to get no further than the ceiling.”

However, a little guidance coupled with a desire to be with God can have a powerful impact. Prayers that unleash God’s transforming power to you and through you. These little bits of guidance will be coming to you in the form of Wisbits over the next season. Wisbits, bits of wisdom: These are designed particularly to impart the best practices of life-giving prayer.

“The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous person unleashes great power.”  James 5:16 (cf)

Here we see three key elements to unleashing God’s power. We will discuss this more next week. But for now, let me establish the target audience. This is for anyone desiring to engage in life-transforming prayer.  If you’ve been stuck in a rut but really want to grow again, this is your series.

When you think of Wisbits, I want you to be thinking here comes some really good tips on how to make my prayers more effective and more fervent and thus more life-giving.

Wisbit Tip #1

100% of all unprayed prayers are neither effective nor fervent. Prayer Tip One. Vocally pray; not just in your head but use words; whisper or conversational tone, cry or shout. Make it verbal!

Today’s Prayer: Heavenly Father help me.  I am asking you to compensate for my weakness with your strength so that I might fulfill all the good works you have assigned for me today. Teach me how to pray? In Jesus Name Amen.

See you again soon,

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