#22 Fear or Faith: You Choose

There are many choices in life that effect how we live our lives but one of the biggest most impactful is whether we choose faith or fear. It’s not an easy one-time choice either. Choosing faith over fear means a daily battle against the world and the enemy and choosing God first.

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# 8 Quarantine: What’s the Point?

As frustrating or hard as it may get, purpose and similarities to fasting can be found in this season of quarantine. In this time of being stuck in the house, almost every person has had to rework daily schedules and a lot of what once made us so busy is gone for the time being. This can be turned into an opportunity to plug into God more and appreciate life at a slower pace if we allow ourselves to accept the fasting from our busy lives and make that move toward God.

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#6 Power Through Fasting

There are times in our life where we are going through extra brought waters and need to lean further into God to get through that particular storm. One way to feel closer to God, that Jesus turned to throughout his life, is by combining fasting and prayer. The idea behind fasting is to disconnect from the world more and use that mealtime solely to pray and feel closer to God.

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#5 Unleash Power With Your Posture

Throughout all the scriptures it is clearly stated that God looks at our hearts the most. God sees your heart and knows when you pray when it comes from a genuine place in your heart. But how we appear on the outside when we pray is also a reflection of our hearts. Allowing ourselves to express what we feel in prayer through our body as well as our thoughts and our hearts, show a deeper humility and reverence to God.

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#4 When God Calls His People to Prayer – Pray 7:14

In 2 Chronicles 7:14, God tells His people they must do four things, then He will uphold His three promises. If we, as His people, humble ourselves, pray to God, seek His face, and turn from our wicked ways, God will hear out prayers, forgive us of our sins, and heal and restore us.

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