#3 Making Prayers Fervent

Sometimes we become downcast or discouraged even though we have the hope of Jesus in our lives. Paul instructs Timothy, to “stir up” his gift and fan the flames. There are tools to ignite faith. In fact, there are multiple tools that the Bible reveals that build faith. The Bible is filled with creative prayer experiences. Its time to activate your faith and unleash live changing prayer. Use these tools and watch your faith catch fire.

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#2 Making Prayer Effectual and Fervent

Is there a wrong way to pray? The scriptures teach that God hears every word of all prayers. But just because God hears your prayer does not mean He’ll answer it exactly how you would like. There are ways to better understand His answers. You can learn how to make your prayer more effective.

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#1 Most Popular Google Search?

It is amazing but the question of how to pray has been asked in every generation. And now Google reaffirms what is on people’s minds. Jesus disciples asked this very question, teach us to pray? Wisbits is an entire series on prayer and is based on the simple idea of answering two basic questions, where do I start and what’s next. Jesus answered these basic questions by offering a very rabbinic model of the world’s single most memorable Index prayer.

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