Robert Leatherwood

Enthusiastic, energetic, passionate, great story teller, talks with his hands; are just a few things that people are saying about Robert. He is a master at spiritual formation. He really understand the predictable path of spiritual growth. He will help you identify where you are on your Jesus Journey and point you in the right direction to get unstuck and growing again.

Robert is a popular keynote speaker at retreats and conferences. If you are leading a group of men on a weekend retreat, you might consider, using Robert’s Great with God weekend encounter. Your men will be challenged to make commitments and inspired to transformational habits.

Stop with all the razzle dazzle of trying to find something new for itching ears and focus your group on the key elements of shaping destiny.  There is a path to spiritual maturity and Robert is a master at helping you find where your stuck on your Jesus journey and providing solid solutions for a breakthrough to continued growth.

The modern day disciple is tired of the lie that more and more information is the secret to life change. It’s been proven false. I just doesn’t work. Here at Great with God ministries things are different. Here the foundational vision is to equip others with “Transformational Habits” to become Great with God. The hard work of daily transformational habits is the real source of growth, wisdom, and intimacy with God


– Robert Leatherwood, Founder, Great With God Ministries

Robert has over 20 years of experience as a professional Instructor with Walk Through the Bible Ministries.  Spiritual growth through his messages on mentoring and predicting destiny are just two of the dynamic themes he loves speak on.

Want to Request Robert as a Speaker?

Robert accepts a limited number of speaking engagements every year.  Fees for his appearance are negotiated on an event by even basis. Please start the conversation by making your request below.